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Long Self-Guided walks from Farnham Walker

over 10 miles

Although all these walks are designed to be self-led, I can easily guide you around them if you like. Please contact me to arrange a mutually convenient date/time for this if you are interested. For questions about bespoke walks, please check my FAQs first.

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The small print - Non-Liability is a free amateur website run by a part-time walking enthusiast. Each walking guide is only an account of my adventure at the time it was written. It is not a guarantee that the walk is legal or safe. Any advice given in the routes or on these pages is only my personal opinion and users should defer to official published guidelines. Users walk these self-guided routes at their own risk and are responsible for making sure they have adequate clothing, footwear and knowledge to ensure the safety of the walk. Neither Farnham Walker nor Guy Singer takes any responsibility for people following these routes. Weather conditions and changes to footpaths can make these routes impassable.

Please note, I might ask for an appropriate donation for bespoke guided walks  - see FAQs

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