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A sorely needed piece of good news

We are delighted to say that the National Trust has posted an update which flies in the face of all the bad news around at the moment. This has led us to consider various possibilities for the future. But more of that soon ...

This is what they say:

"We'll work, where possible, to keep as many of our gardens and parklands open, free of charge, alongside coast and countryside, to encourage the nation to enjoy open space, while observing social distancing measures.

"Hilary McGrady said: “The National Trust was founded 125 years ago for the benefit of the entire nation. We want to honour our mission – to enable people and nature to thrive. Over the coming weeks we will do all that we can to keep on providing public benefit through caring for places and giving people access wherever possible.

“While we will close our indoor areas to help fight the spread of coronavirus, we recognise that people are likely to need access to open space.” "

This is great news - well done NT.

UPDATE 22/3/20

Sorry to confirm that the National Trust have amended their advice and instructions. With the further clampdowns from the Government all National Trust gardens and parks are now closed. We will keep you advised when these open again.


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