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Important Covid related news...

I apologise for this, but I do not consider our walking groups to be an 'organised sporting event with Covid secure arrangements'. I could not countenance the prospect of arriving at a bus stop with fifteen people, with all the risks involved. I have to ratify my own social conscience with the law.

I look at it this way. I could claim exemption, as the Ramblers have done. Then I run the risk of someone in my group catching the virus and spreading it. The person who catches it from them might die - and that I cannot have on my conscience. Plus, should someone see us out in the countryside or on the bus, it does not give a good impression. I wish to BE SEEN to be doing the right thing as well as actually doing the right thing. I'm not a special case, nor do I wish to be.

Not only that, but I do not agree with the Rambler's decision to allow groups up to 30. I will not be walking with them while this "Rule of Six" applies to England and they allow thirty people. It doesn't make sense in my mind. My decision is my personal decision. I'm not trying to influence you, just explain my new policy in the next paragraph.

In conjunction with the statement above, I have decided to SUSPEND all group walking activities for the next few months. I am still open to taking very small groups on private walks - please contact me ( if you would like more information. However, I do not wish to run multiple walks each month (as we did in July and August). Trying to make a walk available for the first six people is also not sensible.

I am also pre-empting the possibility that we might have another, stricter lockdown at any time.

Sorry, but in Bob Ross' words, it's my world and I can do what I want. If you wish to book me to lead your walk, I have no problems. I'm also open to a social walk occasionally with any of you individually - once again, contact me -


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