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Walkfest Inaugural Walk

A dozen walkers braved the drizzle on Sunday for the inaugural walk of the first Farnham Walker Walkfest. The group included the town's mayor, Cllr. Alan Earwaker who joined as they walked, skipped and puffed through the woods by the Bourne Stream from Farnham to Rowledge. There they were welcomed by Roy Waight who opened his gardens (and Victorian cesspit) for a lunch stop. Roy very kindly bribed the walkers to stay with generous offerings of wine, soft drinks and nibbles. Everyone commented on the hospitality and offered copious thanks to their host.

Walk leader, Guy Singer, remarked that fellow walkers should not get used to this level of comfort, as future rambles were more likely to be sustained by the walkers' own sandwiches and coffee on a tree stump (if they were lucky). The paths were mostly good, even though the recent rain had made one in particular quite boggy.

A collection was taken for the mayor's charities and the final donation will be handed over to Cllr. Alan after the Walkfest, when he has recovered from his day's exertion.

The Walkfest continues until 25 July, offering a dozen further walks from 3 miles in length to a marathon 26 miles. The schedule includes something for everyone and all details can be found on It is not too late to book for future events. Contact details are on the website or direct to Guy Singer on 07496 169224.


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