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Exercise anyone?

I'd like to offer a quick word of thanks to the FARNHAM HERALD. As of this Thursday, FarnhamWalker and the Farnham Herald are working together to bring you a WEEKLY exercise walk around the Farnham area. Apologies if you live elsewhere, but I am based here and I can't develop new walks without travelling, which is a big no-no these days.

These walks will stick to the government's guidelines and be around an hour in duration. Hopefully, they will bring you new sights and new places around the town to see and enjoy, while offering some sanity in this insane world! This week we are exploring "Meadows and Alleys" west and south of the town. The walk is around 2.5 miles and can be easily completed in an hour. Get your copy on Thursday for the full details.

In one tiny way, FarnhamWalker is helping support the community and looking forward to times when we can return a little towards normal. To get your copy of The Herald, check out this page, which lists places that sell it now or how to get a copy online. CLICK HERE.

Thanks, Mr Herald, and stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives.


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