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"I can walk 500 miles"


With the minor relaxation of lockdown, I decided to take the momentous decision and put my walks back on. I sent out a newsletter and WHOOSH! in came the bookings. Unfortunately, with a maximum of 6 people allowed to congregate at the same time, and with the 'itchy feet' of 'you lot' I was overwhelmed. The nice part of me could not bear to see any of you disappointed. So ...

The booking formed change almost from minute to minute. The walk on Wednesday 17th June filled within 15 minutes. I decided to put another on a week later on the 24th. That went too, before the end of the day. Then came Friday the 19th. That, too filled by the next day - or rather a couple wanted to book for the last remaining place. I also had a request from a walker to run the event on a Sunday. Maybe I'm too soft, but I agreed and another walk opened on the Sunday.

In the meantime, another walker contacted me asking what the fees was to join us. As nice as the idea is, I remain wedded to the principle of keeping the walks free. No joining fee, no annual fee, no fee to walk and no 'sneaky' retiring collection. Simply come along and enjoy yourself. This led to the last place going on the 19th.

The result is we have 4, full walks in 8 days. That's 20 people plus me 4 times. I will either have very sore legs or be very fit by the end of that week. Add to the fact I walked the route at the end of May to recce it and then took my friend Chris around it to see the Castles and that will be six trips around the circuit in a month.

The lesson? Think twice before offering to lead walks with a 6-people lockdown in force! Here's hoping the regulations will be a little easier in July. I won't have walked 500 miles, but I'm damn sure that it will feel like it!


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