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Time for a break!

Well, we're there. After a dozen

walks in five weeks, we've done it.

From short evening historical walks to a pilgrimage via a picnic and other fun rambles, we've finished. Over the Walkfest, 133 people walked 1,020 miles and raised well over £500 for the Farnham mayor's charities. WELL DONE TO YOU ALL!

I'm taking August off from organising walks. That does not mean I intend to retire to my sofa, far from it. I have a number of walks planned over the summer and I'm always willing to walk WITH YOU. Contact me if you fancy one. The marathon walk from the festival was postponed (due to heat) and that needs to be revisited, and the closing Bentley walk was cancelled due to rain. Oh the vagueries of British weather!

For now, if I don't hear otherwise, we wish you a good summer and we will see you in September. That's looking busy already, with four walks for the Guildford Walkfest, one for Haslemere and another for the Heritage Open Days. Enjoy.

Guy and Mr T.


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